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Dreams,  Visions, and The Wrath of God will help us all understand better what we are seeing today and why. 

This work is written in love to help us all overcome to the end and not be deceive. 

I will share dreams that I believe are in line with the new testament prophetic teachings of the Bible. 


Live Intimate Worship Event

The Greatest Fruit of the Spirit

August 1 2022

Winter Garden, Florida 34787

About the Event

Are your designs the for God’s best? You may have wondered about many things regarding strong topics that are important. But God design us for Him to dwell in us and us to experience Him. Only when we truly learn how to reach out potential cab we match our destiny and purpose to a place to experience the true fellowship, worship that God had set from the begging.  You deserve to experience the fullness of Christ as we learn to truly come together and seek His face. 

You are invited to come to a night of 

Like every once in a while we need to upgrade a technology to match with the latest trend, so is it with design. It is important to study and understand the client’s needs and merge it with the latest design trend that’ll help attract more customers.

In this special time of fellowship, you will experience intimate worship.  You will be able to experience what God intended from the beginning. This Event is only for one night! 

About the Organisers

We are a team created to minister the good news of Jesus Christ. Having organized over 60+ Services and Events in 12 different cities in just two years, we understand the latest trends that are taking folks in a direction other than closer to God. God’s Truth and knowledge with passionate believers who want to see us believers more than ready for Christ’s return.

Join this Intimate Worship Event and get a chance to meet us and join our team.

Our Sponsors

It is not possible to host several seminars in different locations without helping hands. We have several sponsors who volunteer to help us physically and financially to make things happen.

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