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Our Current Featured Product is a great addition to your garden needs and survival. 

Premium Non-GMO Open Pollinated Heirloom survival seeds

33 Variety Seed Bank Survival Gear 30,000 Premium Non-GMO Open Pollinated Heirloom Seeds Made in USA

30,000 Non-GMO Open Pollinated Heirloom Seeds. Grown and packaged in the USA by a family owned business.

Heirloom seed garden strives to bring you high quality seeds at an amazing price.

This package contains 33 different varieties of seeds. Stored in a protective and resealable moisture proof bag to keep your seeds fresh for years to come. Our seed bank is perfect to store seeds for when you might need them. Heirloom seed garden is a proud seller of quality made in USA Heirloom Seeds.

Save Big on 30,000 Plus Seeds!

Only $69.99

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